Sandakan (The Little HongKong)

September 30, 2011

More Yummy food in SANDAKAN the Little Hong Kong..

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Dear Friends, 

Been busy lately and no update my blog for quite sometimes. Here are some very yum food to welcome you guys to The Little Hong Kong, Sandakan. Will update more Sandakan foods, place and news to you guys about Sandakan. Stay with me.   


May 10, 2011

Sandakan Food Time~

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Hi friends,

It’s food time in Sandakan. I’ve not been update my blog for quite sometimes. Will do it more often when i have time.


December 24, 2010

Food of Sandakan~

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 Hi friends,

It been sometimes you guys din’t see my update.

First of all, thank you so much for those friends who still continue to visit my blog or those who accidently visit my blog also.

Here are another photos of Sandakan local foods.  Hope you all like it~

November 15, 2010

Food Food Food~

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Hi friends,

Food time again~

A day will not complete without food in your stomach. For those who are on diet, no worries, you still can eat. Eat quality in stead of quantity 😉


July 29, 2010

Fruits Season – Tarap Fruit

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Hey guys,

Fruits season in Q3 of the year. Tarap fruit is one of the seasoning fruit and this fruit available only in Sabah, North Borneo.

I believe a lot of friends who stay out of Sabah misses this fruit so much, right? Come back and let’s enjoy the fruit together 🙂

Sandakan Dragon Fruit’s farm

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Hi friends,

These are dragon fruit plants and the red color one is the dragon fruit. I know there is nothing special, but, who knows there might be some friends out there who never see the real plant before, right?

May 5, 2010

Sandakan Local Cuisine!

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Hi Friends,

These are few best food in Sandakan town area.

For those who likes fresh and quality food, please let me know. I’ll show you there! 🙂     

Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee!

April 7, 2010

The Little Hong Kong Seafood Paradise..

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Hi friends,

Chinese Dumpling day is around the corner, right? or am i too early?

Groundnut dumpling.. best in the world!! Satisfaction Guarantee… letssss go la.. what are you waiting for?

This is the best Hokkien Prawn Mee in the town. Want to taste?

MiX Seafood Kon Lou Mee.. and the Lobs damn damn giant Size!!! Anyone interested????  

March 23, 2010

Sandakan The Food Paradise..

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Hi friends,

Delicious food in Sandakan.. Yum Yum.. Can’t wait to taste the yummy food, right??

Make a trip to SAndakan.. i’m sure you’ll like it..!   

March 10, 2010

Sandakan Food~

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Hi all,

Food in Sandakan.. Look nice, and, taste is ” Damn Super Nice ”

Wanna to taste it? Welcome to Sandakan then!!


February 24, 2010

Sandakan yummy food~

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Hi friends,

Some nice food to update again for you guys..  


The century egg dumpling. While having the dumpling, we met 4 lions roaring next door! So amazing!  

The yummy smooth egg fresh shrimp yee mee.. best in the world!  

Fresh fishes, vege and steam chicken. Looks simple but very nice and fresh!

Fav oil steam fish~ money back guarantee!


The dessert coconut pudding.. yummy!~


The shark and his fin! Grab and pay…

February 4, 2010

One Day 5 Meals in Sandakan enough or not?

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Hi Readers, 

Chinese New year is around the conner. For those who come back from aboard for CNY, should miss all the nice and first class food in Sandakan. What about those friends come to visit Sandakan during CNY?? Shall we share the food together? Although the foods look simple but they are all very tasty and satisfaction guaranttee… Let’sssss enjoy together!

One Day 5 meals in Sandakan? Enough or not? Or you want more??  


Breakfast? Char Siew Pau, Sandakan Cheong Fun.. and a glass of famous Ice Lemon in Sandakan.

 Favourate Loh Mee.. very nice


Lunch? Pey Dan dumpling, Maifun soup, porridge and fried horfun.. ok? Of coz we have other choices also 🙂 


Tea Time? Egg tart and Yin Yong, ok or not? If not full, you can order buns or meals. 


Dinner? How many of you? 4 dishes enough or not? I ordered Beef, Pandan Chicken, “Shue Zai Choy” and Salad Prawn. Yum Yum.. not enough, please add on.

Supper eat “kon Loh Mee”.

January 14, 2010

Fresh Seafood dinner in Sandakan, anyone?

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Hi friends…

Calling to those seafood lover… Come and let’s eat together, Sandakan, the Seafood Paradise..!

This is Local Oyster… I personally never taste it before, anyone interested to eat with me????



The Prawn’s family 🙂 Mantis Prawn, Lobster and Tiger Prawn, which one you prefer???  Just point and let the Captain knows how/what you want to cook with 🙂 steam prawn? Salad prawn? Butter prawn? Sweet and Sour? Spicy? etcssss… Eat first, diet later..


Let’s start our dinner.

1.) Traditional chinese always start our meal with soup first :). Fresh corn soup with crab meat… very sweet and very fresh crab!   

2.) Next, our Sabah vege representative. The Malaizan “Shue Zai Choy”! Again.. Yum Yum!!


3.) Shell, anyone?? This is damn so giant shell and they are bigger than my palm!!! We call them “Sa Bak”. “Sa Bak” steam with garlic on the top of the shell meat, take the meat out with your spoon and one off in your mouth! OMG.. Damn best and fresh, like chewing gum!!


4.) The live swimming “sek bun” and just point which one you want?? Got cha and Plain Steam Fish!! You can taste the freshness from the first bite till last!!   


5.) The crab! This one can choose or not?? Sure! Eat all also can..hahaha.. what is this meal? “The Spicy Crab”

Enough or not??? If not, then come again next time 🙂

December 12, 2009

Food in Sandakan – Part 1

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Yo readers 🙂

I believe nothing is more important than food in your live and besides your vacation/holiday, right?? Here are some of the nice food in Sandakan that you may enjoy!! Let’s see what we have..


This is salted vege mihum. Is tasty, the soup is nice! If you like sour feel, then, this is your taste 🙂


 Ha Min with Yue Fu (Shrimp Mee with fish cake) “) i like the taste. Very nice having with a cup of “yin yang”.. hmmm 🙂 good feel!


Egg Tart in Sandakan 🙂 This egg tart i eat beside the beach with nice view and windy environment… jeng!!


Look like UFO? This is fried ice cream. This skin is hot but inside is cold ice cream 🙂 nothing special, you can find it in some other places also besides Sandakan.

This is “meat ball mai fun soup” and “meat pork and slices fish mai fun soup”. Eat this during rainy day, damn nice 🙂 of coz’ not rainy day also nice :):)

Tea time!!! I like the yellow bun, we call it “Gum Sar Pau”. Is very very yummy when it just take out from the big steam cooker!! Very nice! Sauce in the bun!! Must try! I eat with milk tea (lai cha) and LoHonGoa (herb tea)… yummy!

Live seafood in Sandakan. Which one you like, just pick 🙂

I like this dessert very very much!!! Coconut pudding (yea zi lai lou fa)!! Eat this after meal or during your vacation time after the hot sun, you will be damn satisfy!!! There are roasted chicken, pork, and duck rice also there 🙂

Everytime i have friend came from outstation, i will bring them to eat these food at mile 4 market. Very nice Wotet, Yau za guai & Ham zin bang, Lobak gou, Char siew bau, satay, chicken wing, and etc etc 🙂 i drink chrysanthemum tea to stay away from the heat 🙂  

This is cross over! I bought the Pudding (LaiLouFa) and mix with the papaya! Nice also and healthy! The Siew mai is from homemade :):) very fresh and yummy!!!

This mix rice stall serve  many choices of food 🙂 and very long long queue!!!

The Restaurant besides the harbour! Imperial bayview 🙂 nice scene!!

The Tasen Crackers!! Sandakan very own manufacture this cracker… very presentable and yummy during TV time and fun time…

Dinner time 🙂 this “Jiew Pai Tafu”, “Yau Zam Yue” and “Shue Zai Choy”. All also very nice!! yummy right????

No meals is more important than breakfast! I like this type of breakfast 🙂 “Hot salted lemon water”, “economic fried maifun” and “Siew mai”. Enough to stay until lunch time. Yum yum…  

Century Egg dumpling. Most of my friends like these food and repeating eat whenever they come to Sandakan. Check out some new and creative food there also, dragon ball soup and tamato basket 🙂 besides creative, it’s nice also!! And, of coz’ a glass of Lemon Ice water!!! Yummmmmmy!!

November 10, 2009

More Sandakan Photos

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I personally like this Hotel very much! The scence, the designed and the environment. Very relax and good feel.

The Sabah Hotel, Sandakan.

You like this too??? This is majority of Sandakanities’s favarote tart! We call it ”Ngau Si Tart” in old days, and now people call it ”UFO”.


St Mary church. This place is very nice and very peace!  The first school, St Mary’s was formed in Aug 1887.


Wisma Warisan which now houses the Tourist Information Centre. Wisma Warisan used to be the main government building during the British Administration. The former Residency office was on the first floor and the present Tourist Information Centre was the post office for many years. Now, the Sandakan Heritage Museum which was declared opened on the 5th December, 2003, is situated on the first floor of the Wisma Warisan. The first museum in Sandakan was believed to be set up in 1898 but later discontinued.

Have you ever see bird nest in Airport? Here you go, the bird and nest at Sandakan airport at night.


The Pitcher Plant and Nepenthes Ampularia. In malay, we call it Periuk Kera. In Hakka we call it “Ma Liu Ang”. You can no longer see this plant everywhere and now only available in certain places. It is protective plant now in Sabah 🙂  

The Sunday Tamu Market in Sandakan town. It’s crowded and lot’s of things to see 🙂 check out every sunday at Sandakan town around 7am till 1pm-2pm.

This is the first sports field (padang) in Sandakan. Any of the mega event will be held in this field 🙂


The foreign Bank in Sandakan. They came in to Sandakan even before they rename. Standard Chartered Bank, came in to Sandakan as The Chartered Bank while, HSBC came in to Sandakan as The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank.

The Sung Siew School. This is my formal school from Kindergarden till Secondary graduated 🙂 Spent 11 years in Sung Siew School.


The English Tea House and thier peacock! I like this place very much! Again, very easy and relax. Recommended!

The Rotary Observation Pavilion built by the Rotary Club of Sandakan in 1970.

The Turtle Island Park Lodge, this is the lodge where you transfer from Sandakan to Turtle Island Park.

The Menara Majlis Perbandaran Sandakan (MPS) and The first Sandakan Fountain.

An American author Agnes Newton Keith ‘s house. She wrote the famous book “The Land Below The Wind” which was published in 1939, her second book “Three Came Home” was turned into a Hollywood movie in 1950 and parts of the movie was shot in Sandakan.

She also wrote “White Men Return” published in 1950 at the time she and her husband returned to Sandakan following the war to serve under the British government in 1946 taking over from the Chartered Company. The Keiths left North Borneo in January, 1952 never to return again. She died on 30th March 1982 but her legacy will be forever remembered in Sandakan.


Our Sandakan town view with the blue harbour! Caption from Trig Hill Rotary Tower.

What is this??? This is our famous Sandakan kids toy and chocolate back to year 90s. The kids at those days can be very happy for the whole day if they got a pack from their parent!  

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