Sandakan (The Little HongKong)

October 18, 2009

Introduction about Myself

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Welcome to my journey.  Along the way, I hope to, also introduce a place where I called home to all of you.  Sandakan, Sabah, The Land Below the Wind (aka the Little Hong Kong), this is what it’s called and also well known as.

Being brought up in Sandakan much of my childhood memories were filled with the nature, wilderness and culture of this place.  My journey has widened my sight and transported me to a person whom now really appreciates what’s present.

 Spending most of the years in West Malaysia had also given me such a big exhilaration to create this blog. I’ve spent 9 years working in West Malaysia and have recently moved back to Sandakan for good. The reason behind this was not only because I call this place as home. It’s because my “home” had brought me beautiful memories and I would really love to share with you all. Having said that means, I wouldn’t want to miss any moment in this lovely place and now ready to put my footprints in words. Sandakan has more to offer because it’s a place where will definitely fill you all with joy, laughter and unforgettable memories. And that is why I would love to convey my feelings and emotions towards this place I called “home”.

Appreciate the beauty of our life and here it begins:-

The Sandakan aka The Little Hong Kong (formally known as Elopura), Land Below The Wind.


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