Sandakan (The Little HongKong)

July 30, 2012

Sandakan Mini Zoo~

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Hi Friends,

Here are some of the wildlife living in Sandakan Mini Zoo located at 25km away from Sandakan Town.

Minimal charges applies to visit the premise. Have a nice day and enjoy yourself with friends and family there 😉





Fish Pond

The Nature Green

Borneo Birds


What is a Forest?

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What is a forest?

  • The cardle of human civilization (Anthropologist)
  • The symbol of rise and fall in history (Historian)
  • A green gold store (Economist)
  • A biological oxygen-making machine (Biologist)
  • A storage medium for solar energy (Physicist)
  • An instrument for soil conservation (Soil Scientist)
  • A natural water reservoir (Hydrologist)
  • A lungs of the earth (Earth Scientist)
  • The silent contributor to climate stabilization, wind protection and sand dune stabilization (Climatologist)
  • An agent for cleaning pullutants and beautification of environment (Ecologist)
  • The origin of fossil fuels and the source of rivers (Energy expert)
  • A huge gene bank (Geneticist)

Conclusion: Forest is the pillar of ecological equilibrium and the guardian for mankind’s survival.

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