Sandakan (The Little HongKong)

October 23, 2010

First Year

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Dear all,  

I still remember the strong force I had when I first started off with this blog and that was the love, passion and hope I have for my little hometown- Sandakan. It was Oct 2009 when I had my first entry introducing Sandakan in my personal blog. Throughout the year, I’ve been constantly taking pictures and keep introducing places and Food in Sandakan. In such a short year, to date I have 4,880 views, 58 posts and 135 comments in my blog from the site stats.

Yes, I have to say that it’s not something very spectacular. I’m not even a famous blogger but each and every entries I’ve posted, I’ve put 100% of effort, research and dedication to it. Some of you might think I’ve nothing else to do or perhaps I’ve too much of free time. As well as some of you might also have this thought of me, trying to show my capability of being the Ambassador without being officially recognized. If anyone of you may have such perception on me, my apologies that I wasn’t able to express myself very well in words. Well, I’m not trying to clarify or score any impression points now but would just like to express a few words of mine.

To those who have been following my posts, I believe you know how much I love my hometown. I called it HOME, where I find this is the best shelter I’ve ever had and therefore, this little blog of mine was created. I just wanted to share what I’ve experienced in Sandakan and of course also to guide those who are interested to find out more about this place. For your information, I’m not receiving any fees for advertising these places. Neither getting paid nor expecting any return at this period of time. This is purely because I love my hometown – Sandakan. I want to see this place to be well known and to bring back some of the hometown memories to the Sandakians who are now not physically in Sandakan. Nevertheless, of course I do wish to have real readers who appreciate this little assignment of mine.

Ok, to keep it real simple, I would like to thanks everyone for dropping by, leaving comments and spending time to read my blog. I truly appreciate the time you all have spent especially to my supportive readers. Without your support, it won’t be a smooth sailing year for me and my blog. You guys are always welcome to visit my blog as many times as you want and raise any queries if you have any. I’ll be extremely glad to show you around of this beautiful place. Ahh, and also, leaving comments or feedback are welcome too. Always feel free to express your opinions and I’ll try my best to keep my blog up to date although this is not a promise yet. It will be a challenging year ahead for me and I will definitely keep you guys posted whenever possible. 

Special thanks to my budd, Mr. Jacky Liu who has never stopped supporting me since I’ve started this blog. He has witnessed the growth of the blog. Thanks budd, no words can express my gratitude but you know the word from the bottom of my heart.

Another special thanks to Ms. Rachel Chung for the help in wordings in my entries. Mainly your participation in the editing part. Although they are not 100% the exact words but nearly close to what I wanted to say, thanks for reading my mind and heart effortlessly.

The following person I’m going to thanks stands a very important place in my heart. She has never left me no matter how despair I am. Never in before and never in future. She loves me with all her heart, without expecting anything in return. Always love me for who I am, who I wanted to be and who I’ll be. I’ll never be able to do that much without her love and care. The unconditional love given & the never-give-up spirit, they will be forever stored in my heart. Thanks my Mum.., for providing a safe home and to shower me continuously with the love in no matter good or bad times. No one loves me like you do and you are truly simply the best and irreplaceable. I love you Mum.

Thanks & Sincere,

Cedric Chai



  1. Hi Cedric,

    Your blog has been very useful and informative to me. I cant wait to visit this interesting town next week. By the way, could you recommend what are the must eat food while i am in Sandakan?

    Thank you very much.


    Comment by Michelle — October 30, 2010 @ 3:28 am | Reply

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