Sandakan (The Little HongKong)

March 23, 2010

Sandakan The Food Paradise..

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Hi friends,

Delicious food in Sandakan.. Yum Yum.. Can’t wait to taste the yummy food, right??

Make a trip to SAndakan.. i’m sure you’ll like it..!   


March 10, 2010

Sandakan Food~

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Hi all,

Food in Sandakan.. Look nice, and, taste is ” Damn Super Nice ”

Wanna to taste it? Welcome to Sandakan then!!


March 9, 2010

NGOs in Sandakan

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Lately, i’ve been taking part on some NGO’s functions/events in Sandakan, and they are really amaze! These associations/clubs are doing very well i.e. direct and indirectly boosting up our Sandakan Market, Charity & Volunteer, Learning & Development, and, you named it.

Below are NGOs in Sandakan. Interested to join or to know what are they up with? Call them up..


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