Sandakan (The Little HongKong)

February 24, 2010

Place to relax in Sandakan~

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Hi friends,

Looking for nice and peaceful place to relax in Sandakan? Here you go, Sandakan’s resort.  


Both Jacky and Jeffery slowly walking on the long wooden bridge and along the way, you can see flowers, greens, different types of plant, lake, bird watching and many more. Come and experience yourself!

Hong Kong friend Caroline Law busy capturing the nice scene and taking the best angle of the flowers and plants..


Ms Caroline Law with some handsome male visitors at the Resort and the Gorgeous Resort’s model cum Director, Ms Jessica Lim.


Sandakan yummy food~

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Hi friends,

Some nice food to update again for you guys..  


The century egg dumpling. While having the dumpling, we met 4 lions roaring next door! So amazing!  

The yummy smooth egg fresh shrimp yee mee.. best in the world!  

Fresh fishes, vege and steam chicken. Looks simple but very nice and fresh!

Fav oil steam fish~ money back guarantee!


The dessert coconut pudding.. yummy!~


The shark and his fin! Grab and pay…

The Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, Sandakan

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Hi friends,

The Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary located in mile 19 Sandakan.

We are venturing the country road before approcing the Labuk Bay.

Mr Jacky is adventure driver,  

Ms Caroline as a tourist from HK,

I myself is navigator.

Here are those Dutchman Monkeys around the rainforest, total 90+ Proboscis monkeys in this Rainforest.

The elegant sliver hornbill on the roof with nice posting for the visitors to take photos!

A special plant which look like star shape.

Silvered Leaf Monkey appear in the Labuk bay as well besides the proboscis monkeys. They are about 15+ Silvered leaf monkey in the rainforest. Do not stay too close with them coz’ you will never knows whether they will attack you..

Please come again.. Nice and attractive place which you are recommended to visit when you are in Sandakan.

February 11, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010!

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Dear All,

May you be lit with happiness and shower with lot of luck

Happy Chinese New Year 2010!

Warmest Regards,

Cedric Chai

February 4, 2010

One Day 5 Meals in Sandakan enough or not?

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Hi Readers, 

Chinese New year is around the conner. For those who come back from aboard for CNY, should miss all the nice and first class food in Sandakan. What about those friends come to visit Sandakan during CNY?? Shall we share the food together? Although the foods look simple but they are all very tasty and satisfaction guaranttee… Let’sssss enjoy together!

One Day 5 meals in Sandakan? Enough or not? Or you want more??  


Breakfast? Char Siew Pau, Sandakan Cheong Fun.. and a glass of famous Ice Lemon in Sandakan.

 Favourate Loh Mee.. very nice


Lunch? Pey Dan dumpling, Maifun soup, porridge and fried horfun.. ok? Of coz we have other choices also 🙂 


Tea Time? Egg tart and Yin Yong, ok or not? If not full, you can order buns or meals. 


Dinner? How many of you? 4 dishes enough or not? I ordered Beef, Pandan Chicken, “Shue Zai Choy” and Salad Prawn. Yum Yum.. not enough, please add on.

Supper eat “kon Loh Mee”.

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