Sandakan (The Little HongKong)

December 12, 2009

Food in Sandakan – Part 1

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Yo readers 🙂

I believe nothing is more important than food in your live and besides your vacation/holiday, right?? Here are some of the nice food in Sandakan that you may enjoy!! Let’s see what we have..


This is salted vege mihum. Is tasty, the soup is nice! If you like sour feel, then, this is your taste 🙂


 Ha Min with Yue Fu (Shrimp Mee with fish cake) “) i like the taste. Very nice having with a cup of “yin yang”.. hmmm 🙂 good feel!


Egg Tart in Sandakan 🙂 This egg tart i eat beside the beach with nice view and windy environment… jeng!!


Look like UFO? This is fried ice cream. This skin is hot but inside is cold ice cream 🙂 nothing special, you can find it in some other places also besides Sandakan.

This is “meat ball mai fun soup” and “meat pork and slices fish mai fun soup”. Eat this during rainy day, damn nice 🙂 of coz’ not rainy day also nice :):)

Tea time!!! I like the yellow bun, we call it “Gum Sar Pau”. Is very very yummy when it just take out from the big steam cooker!! Very nice! Sauce in the bun!! Must try! I eat with milk tea (lai cha) and LoHonGoa (herb tea)… yummy!

Live seafood in Sandakan. Which one you like, just pick 🙂

I like this dessert very very much!!! Coconut pudding (yea zi lai lou fa)!! Eat this after meal or during your vacation time after the hot sun, you will be damn satisfy!!! There are roasted chicken, pork, and duck rice also there 🙂

Everytime i have friend came from outstation, i will bring them to eat these food at mile 4 market. Very nice Wotet, Yau za guai & Ham zin bang, Lobak gou, Char siew bau, satay, chicken wing, and etc etc 🙂 i drink chrysanthemum tea to stay away from the heat 🙂  

This is cross over! I bought the Pudding (LaiLouFa) and mix with the papaya! Nice also and healthy! The Siew mai is from homemade :):) very fresh and yummy!!!

This mix rice stall serve  many choices of food 🙂 and very long long queue!!!

The Restaurant besides the harbour! Imperial bayview 🙂 nice scene!!

The Tasen Crackers!! Sandakan very own manufacture this cracker… very presentable and yummy during TV time and fun time…

Dinner time 🙂 this “Jiew Pai Tafu”, “Yau Zam Yue” and “Shue Zai Choy”. All also very nice!! yummy right????

No meals is more important than breakfast! I like this type of breakfast 🙂 “Hot salted lemon water”, “economic fried maifun” and “Siew mai”. Enough to stay until lunch time. Yum yum…  

Century Egg dumpling. Most of my friends like these food and repeating eat whenever they come to Sandakan. Check out some new and creative food there also, dragon ball soup and tamato basket 🙂 besides creative, it’s nice also!! And, of coz’ a glass of Lemon Ice water!!! Yummmmmmy!!



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  2. i know century egg dumpling (pi dan sui jiao) is very famous in sandakan, mind tell me the location and shop name? will be going on christmas eve 24/12/12. haha, mind intro me breakfast, lunch n dinner? i would prefer the lobster hua dan yi mee as dinner.. please recommend.. thanks

    Comment by Darryl Liew — December 20, 2012 @ 4:11 am | Reply

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